Survive the Dark Ages Now in Steam Greenlight

Another busy week! We have made a lot of improvements to the responsiveness of the game, so that now it should view a lot better in mobile. Also we have made a game-play video, and added a new help page for new players that has some basic tips and advice.


We have also launched a project greenlight for a desktop version of the game thanks to all of you that have supported it already!

Changes this week:

— New icons for soldiers

— Improved responsiveness of navbars

— Fixed bug that allowed chancellors to banish their ruler

— Fixed a bug with the registration that did not save failed submissions

— Improved the player activity system so that inactive players do not take silver income from kingdoms

— Income from a territory now depends on the number of other territories a kingdom controls

— Released full game map, in a lower resolution faster loading version

— Reorganised the desktop menu adding more dropdowns

— Territories are now vulnerable to random attacks from Vikings, Saxons and other raiders