Survive the Dark Ages – Kingdom Roles

This time we wanted to flesh out a bit more the recently added ‘Roles’ for the game (this information will be put on the game Wiki too).

Roles are intended to help Rulers both reward their fellow players in their kingdom, and create more structure to the way Kingdoms function. There is also a nice boost to the Roleplaying (RPG ) aspects of the game. They do not confer many material benefits as of yet, but knowing that you will have the respect of both your Ruler and fellow players in the matters that pertain to your role is reward in itself!

Current Roles:

Chancellor – This role can be thought of as a bit like the chief negotiator of the realm, although they may also be given other responsibilities of a financial or legal nature (the term originated with the Romans, to describe a type of legal secretary). Their importance depends on the governing style of their Ruler, but they could be considered the most powerful lord in the realm, (outside of the heir). They are given the ability to make alliances, and make wars and truces on behalf of their kingdom.

Marshal – Whilst the term originally meant “stable boy” it now signifies the main military commander of the kingdom. The most successful kingdoms have now learned that it is much more effective for players to group their troops into one larger army. Therefore it is down to the Marshal to oversee this, and quite probably lead the army that results. They should take care to ensure that they do not keep all the captured territories for themselves, as the more land you hold, the more expensive it gets to move troops around!

Spymaster – The spymaster’s role is to gather and collate information. They are not the spies themselves, instead they are the one who recruits and rewards spies, and comes up with schemes to benefit their realm. They are also tasked with ensuring that rebellious Lords are found and rooted out before they can do serious damage!

Archbishop – Don’t let the peaceful sounding title fool you, this position is at least as important as the others, if not more so! Archbishops are tasked with tending to the needs of newly arrived players, who are not yet familiar with all the rules of the game, and most likely severely lacking in resources. In any war between kingdoms, it is the one with the better archbishop that will prosper in the long run, as they allow the number of active players to grow, and ensure that all players know the rules.

See you next time!