Survive the Dark Ages – Kingdom Ranks

We get a lot of questions about players ranks, so here is some more information on that (this information will be put on the game Wiki too) :

Whilst all players are nobles, some are more noble than others. The rank of the average noble in a Kingdom is based on the size of the Kingdom, so while a Duchy is full of counts and countesses, a Kingdom is full of Princes and Princesses.

High Lords

However, that is not all. The Ruler may decide that a certain noble has demonstrated considerable skill or dedication, and so they can reward them by making them one of the “High Lords” of the kingdom. This automatically bumps your default rank up by one, so a Countess becomes a Minor Countess for example. There is also the added benefit of access to the exclusive “High Lords” chat, where plans can be made by the Elite of the Kingdom, with less risk of spies.


The Heir of a kingdom. In the event that the Ruler is removed, or abdicates, it is the heir who takes over.  Whilst their rank stays the same, they gain the ability to make diplomatic decisions in the Kingdom that they will someday rule.


Hopefully it goes without saying that this is the most important rank in the realm. It pays to listen to the instructions of the ruler, as they have the power to Banish any player from the Kingdom, and confiscate their territories. Their rank is also bumped up beyond even that of their high lords.

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