Launching Black Badger Labs News

Welcome to the launch of Black Badger Labs News section.

This week has been busy, we are now gearing up for a small Kick Starter campaign for Survive the Dark Ages that will allow players the chance to expand our increasingly cramped game map, and also get your hands on some of that gold!

In preparation for this, we can now debut the new Survive the Dark Ages trailer:

Changes this week:

— Moving all the chat pages together, and adding a new “High Lord” chat for all the muckety mucks (elites) of a Kingdom to get together and make secret plans;

—  Public messages now cost 15 Papers each;

— Inactive players will now silently slip out of sight in the kingdom page, and stop receiving income from territories; if they start being more active they will be automatically returned to where they were;

— Small cosmetic improvements to many of the tables and the addition of a new map, and overview link to the toolbars (oh yeah and a link to the new News page).

See you next time!