Touch Type Fun

Touch typing is a really useful skill for anyone who uses computers a lot. But learning to touch type is not particularly fun, and a lot of the best tools for learning to touch type cost money. With this in mind we decided to make a simple application that anyone can use to learn to touch type and hopefully have fun while doing so!

When the app loads the first thing that happens is you select your keyboard layout.

There are lots of different keyboard layouts, the normal default layout in English Speaking countries is called QWERTY (as those are the first 5 characters in the top left of the keyboard under that layout). But there are many other layouts that are preferred by some people such as Dvorak and Colemak and of course there is Azerty layout which is popular in French Speaking countries. Don’t worry too much if your layout is not in the list though, as the app will teach you to touch type the Latin Alphabet whichever layout you are using.

Once you have pressed the key for the layout (and just press q for the default) you can get typing! To start with you just need to type one letter and a space whenever you see an underscore

It’s as simple as that! As you progress the letter combinations will get gradually harder, if you make a mistake your progress might go back a bit. Once you are at 100% progress the challenge is to stay at that point, and eventually touch typing will be second nature!



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