Colour Swatch Pad

We created Colour Swatch Pad because when working on our apps we often find ourselves looking for nice sets of colours, and we generally want the same colour with a shade lighter and darker for things like hover effects etc.

The basic idea is that you type in a Hexidecimal colour value, and then the pad automatically gives you a shade lighter and darker then you chosen colour for you to use got hover/highlight effects. The colours are stored in your browser so you can use them again later. The pad uses your browsers storage to save your colours, so if you clear your data then you might lose them.

We also added a feature where a random colour can be generated by pressing the add button, and we also added a swatch of some basic colours that you can pick by selecting one of your swatches and then clicking on the colour to select it.

That’s basically it! we use this app all the time when working on our other projects, and hopefully other people will find this tool useful too!

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