What we do:

We make fun software

Black Badger Labs make games and other software, mostly for the web. Here are some of the games we have made:


Survive the Dark Ages

Our most ambitious project yet!

Following on from our successful Chrome App we have expanded our Survive the Dark Ages game into a new Web based format that allows players to trade and work together forming Kingdoms and conquering territories! This game is in an extended Public Beta, join the fun today!

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Catch Them:

Can you catch them? A fun fast paced game for the Google chrome browser that can help improve your reflexes.

Journey through weird and wonderful worlds, but don’t get too distracted, keep your eye on the target!

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Bamboo Chat:

Chat with Bamboo, the friendly panda who is here to listen to your troubles and offer his thoughts.

Available for the chrome browser.

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Crack the Code:

Can you crack the code? Try our free (with no adverts!) game: Crack the Code, also available as a free app for the google chrome browser and chromebook.

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Rabbit Wars:

We have experience in making JavaScript based games with interactive maps too, check out Rabbit Wars, a recent project currently in open Beta.

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Survive the Dark Ages:

Romes Legions have abandoned us. We must fend for ourselves. Lead your small settlement in the struggle to survive the Dark Ages! This is an experimental new strategy game we made for the Google Chrome App Store. It’s success has now led to the development of our new web based version of the game.

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We create software tools too

Here are some of the tools we have made.

Colour Swatch pad:

Ever found a nice colour you wished you could keep? Ok maybe not, but we have! That’s why we made an app and website that allows you to store as many of your favourite colours as you like in either Hexadecimal or RGB format.

You can also pick up one of the 16 “standard” colours and lighten, darken or manually alter them and then save the results for future use. The website works with most modern browsers, using cookies to store your settings.

Alternatively we have, as usual, made an app for the Google Chrome Browser Store.



Blue Pixel Art:

We believe everybody can make interesting and creative pictures with the right tools. Blue Pixel Art gives you a few simple materials to make very basic pixel images easily in your Google chrome browser.

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Weekly Habits:

Developing good habits and then sticking to them requires a bit of discipline! Have your weekly habits all gathered into one place and check them whenever you need to organise. Available on the Chrome Web Store.

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Colour Dots:

Seven colours, six hundred dots. Experiment with pixel art and save your latest creation for next time. This is a fun, accessible app for all ages available on the Chrome Web Store.

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