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Survive the Dark Ages – Going Viking

So first of all thanks to all our backers for helping us to successfully conclude our kickstarter campaign. It is great to have a chance to expand the game map, and add some new features that help to flesh out the world of the game.

With Norway in the game, you can expect more of a Viking theme, and also some new lands to be introduced to the game, courtesy of our new “Explore” option.

explore menu
The New Explore Menu

This new menu allows you to go of “Viking” which basically means going on raids! Normal raids can earn you silver, food and very occasionally an interesting item or two. You can also sail off in search of new lands, to start a new kingdom in a far away land! but beware, the cost of this is losing all your territories at home, and a fair amount of gold too!

Changes this week:

— Chancellors are now a lot more powerful, able to make almost any decision a ruler can.

— Battles are now significantly in favour of defenders, you must be well prepared if you want to win!

— Up to three quarters of a beaten defending force can potentially escape to join their commander’s main army

— New “Crier” role for kingdoms, a noble who’s job is to send messages to other players on behalf of the king

— Norway has now been added to the game

— Players can now have special items (at the moment they are decorative, we will add functionality to them soon!)

— New explore menu that allows players to discover new lands! or just go on a lucrative raid!