Survive the Dark Ages – Map Expansion and Improvements to Combat

Well its been a  busy week! A lots of the small Kingdoms that formed after the “Pictland Anarchy” has now fallen, leaving just three kingdoms standing.

We have been working hard on improvements to the game map as part of our Kickstarter campaign. As a result we are pleased to announce that the initial England and Ireland map has been greatly expanded, with the number of territories to fight over doubled.

The new Expanded Game Map

This also leaves us in great shape for the release of Norway, which we can now expect to be live as soon as the Kickstarter is ended. On that subject there are just 4 days to support the Kickstarter and grab some more gold!

We have also added four new characteristics for player’s characters:

Piety trade image

Represents how Pious the player’s character is in the eyes of of the church

Learning trade image

Represents how learned the player’s Character is

Attack trade image

Represents how effectively the player’s character can attack

Defence trade image 0

Represents how effectively the player’s character can defend

Changes this week:

— Fixed the bug on the troop transfer menu that messed up transfers when you were low on resources.

— New system message to all players when a diplomatic proposal is sent

— Four new characteristics for all users

— Expansion to the game map (there are now more than twice as many territories)

— Battles are now less lethal, it might take more than one assault o overcome a territory

— When a player loses a territory, they get a proportion of the garrison returned to their army

— Players can transfer troops back to their army straight from the victory menu

— New button that allows players to directly attack again after a failed attack

— The Territory menu has now been split into “attack” and “defend” menus with the all territories menu moved to the overview screen.