Survive the Dark Ages – Civil War and New Decisions Menu

So its been a  very eventful week in the game!

After the Pict’s managed to conquer the whole of Britain, the new “Anarchy” Module was added. There was only a brief peace before a massive civil war broke out with every Noble able to attack the lands of every other noble. Eventually the War led to 30 Independent factions forming, one for each landowning noble. Lets see what happens now as these factions fight it out for domination.

Changes this week:

— New “Anarchy” module that allows infighting whenever one Kingdom achieves dominance

— New “Player colours” added to the game

— New “Kingdom Collapse” module that creates independent kingdoms for each landowning noble

— The scoreboard was reset for April

— New decision menu developed that gives each player one decision to make every 12 hours